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A great deal of effort and related expenses goes into producing a regular show. While we hope to obtain more sponsorships and advertising to keep going with our existing productions and expand into others, we do appreciate those that have chosen to donate to help offset the costs of the shows we produce.

It is voluntary and it is not tax deductible. It does show us that you care and it does help. What value do you place on any given podcast? A typical song on iTunes is about a buck. How much do you spend for a good cup of coffee? How do you spend for a bad cup of coffee? Or a newspaper or magazine that will likely find its way into the trash before reading it all? What about lunch? How much are you willing to contribute to a podcast is up to you. We appreciate it all the same.

You make a donations two ways, either donate when you can or make it a reoccurring donation (which you can cancel at any time) via a subscription of only $2 per month. Note: If you are looking to become a Podshock Supporting Subscriber see here.

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We thank you in advance. It is through support like yours that helps us continue to produce shows like Doctor Who: Podshock and the others we production now and even more awaiting to be launched.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your donation does make a difference.

Better yet, if you enjoy listening to Doctor Who: Podshock, become a Podshock Supporting Subscriber and get extra content.

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