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March 2010

The Arc of Insanity on the TARDIS Tavern Podcast

TARDIS_Tavern.jpgIt was months in the making, but it finally happened after Gallifrey 21, I was a guest 'bartender' on the TARDIS Tavern podcast! No sooner after completing my previous post about being on Cultdom Collective podcast, word came to me via @tardistavern that The Arc of Infinity episode we recorded last week has now been released.

The Cult of Cultdom

Cultdom Collective PodcastLast week I had the privilege of being on and joining my fellow co-host James Naughton on the Cultdom Collective podcast. The episode is a Gallifrey One preview show. Yes, the Doctor Who convention is a year away now at this point, my friends at Cultdom are getting a head start for those planning on attending next February in Los Angeles, CA.

Editors and Contributors of Chicks Dig Time Lords Interviewed, plus Louise Jameson in Doctor Who: Podshock 188

Doctor Who: Podshock 188

"It's true then. They say the Evil One eats babies!"

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 188
Running Time: 0:51:10

We interview the editors and some of the contributors of the book, Chicks Dig Time Lords including Tara O'Shea, Lynne Thomas, Liz Myles, Tammy Garrison, and Katy Shuttleworth (at Gallifrey 21), a Who York announcement and Louise Jameson from Who York's November 2009 event, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse with Eric Escamilla, a report from Germany with Graeme Sheridan, and more.

UPDATED: Aerosith Performing at I-CON

To whet people's appetite for I-CON 29, here is a video of the Star Wars parody band, Aerosith performing at last year's I-CON 28 (2009). "Thou Shall Not Worship False Gods" - the video may have begun while the song was in progress. The camera POV is from slightly behind or along side of the stage area. There are a couple more where this came from as well… stay tuned.

I will also be bringing you more coverage from I-CON 29 this weekend. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates.

Happy Birthday Mac OS X

Nine years ago today, on March 24, 2001 we saw the release of the ground breaking, game changing Mac OS X by Apple. The operating system would change the way we use our Macs and it would 'inspire' other operating systems. It was a complete new operating system built from the ground up, very drastic from the previous Mac OS 9 (System 9) before it.

Since it was a brand new OS really, in some ways it was not as mature as the previous OS it was replacing. Though that statement alone would be selling it short. In most ways it was lightyears ahead of the previous OS. It paved the way for the future of the Mac. Over the last 9 years, the Mac OS has matured.

Sonic Newsdriver (24 March 2010)

The Sonic Newsdriver 20100324
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.
For Earth-date: Wednesday, the 24th of Mar. 2010

Two Promo Trailers, A Date with the Doctor, Rumoured Christmas Special and Series 32, What's Up Doc?, Down with the Government, Easter Plans, I-CON 29, and more.

Sonic Newsdriver (17 March 2010)

The Sonic Newsdriver 20100317
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.
For Earth-date: Wednesday, the 17th of Mar. 2010

BBC America Tails Behind BBC One by Two Weeks, Gallifrey 21 Two Weeks Out (DVD news), BBC Secures 40% of 2entertain, Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun with The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who on Tour, You Rock (Ken Ray of Mac OS Ken) and more.

A Helping Hands TARDIS

Last month on Saturday, February 6, 2010, I was invited to an AMHH (Auntie M's Helping Hands, Inc.) event. Nothing unusual about this, as AMHH holds events throughout the year in which I am regularly invited to, but they seemed a little more eager for me to attend this particular fundraiser event than perhaps others of late. They had a mysterious "surprise" for me. I hadn't been to one in a while and I figured why not since I hadn't seen so many of my friends there in some time now.

AMHH, Inc is a not-for-profit charity made up entirely by volunteers which helps to raise funds for programs and organizations in the Long Island LGBT community. Since they are all volunteers, there are no real administrative overhead. The core of the organization is mostly made up of former owners, workers, and patrons of the warm and friendly community pub, Auntie M's which was around in the 1990s, hence the name, Auntie M's Helping Hands. The pub which is unfortunately is no longer around today, was once described as one similar to that of the famous 'Cheers' - a place where everyone knew your name. It was very much the case. Everyone there was family (take note that I am not using enclosing "family" in quotes here).

Blu-Ray of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Goes to Podshock Supporting Subscriber, Helen Lesser

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Blu-RayLast month we stated we would give a brand new unopened copy of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead in HD on Blu-ray to randomly selected Podshock Supporting Subscriber (Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Blu-Ray Going to a Podshock Supporting Subscriber). We promised we would announce the winner at our seasonal meet up on Second Life on the 20th of February (Pre-Gallifrey 21 Meet Up on Second Life). We did. The subscriber we randomly selected was Ken Okel. (Ken was not present at the meet up, but we stated that you need not be present for it).

After contacting Ken, we learned that he had just bought a copy of Planet of the Dead on BD, and offered us to give the disc to another subscriber that may need it. Fortunately, we had selected a runner up just in case something like this occurred. That person is Helen Lesser!

Speaking On Doctor Who at I-CON 29

I-CON 29You may have heard that Doctor Who: Podshock will be returning to the annual New York science fiction, fact, and fantasy convention, I-CON this year. We will be doing a live show there once again on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 2pm. For details, see the article, Doctor Who: Podshock Returns to Stony Brook, NY for I-CON 29.

In addition to the live recording of Doctor Who: Podshock, I will be speaking about Doctor Who at the convention on a panel along with my fellow co-host of the aforementioned podcast, Ken Deep the day before, on Saturday, March 27 at 11am EDT located in the Harriman 112 (at SUNY Stony Brook, NY where I-CON 29 is taking place this year).

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