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A view through a human cage. Much like a birdcage, except the birds are free on the outside here.

A view through a human cage. Much like a birdcage, except the birds are free on the outside here.

Photographed with an iPhone 4 via Instagram.

This photo was post processed on the iPhone using the Camera+ app.

Give Your Photos Some Flare


Simple, quick, and easy iOS-like photo editing comes to the Mac desktop with the new application, Flare - The Iconfactory (UPDATE: Flare 2 - The Iconfactory has replaced Flare now).

Since the introduction of third-party apps to the iPhone (now the iOS platform), one of the many genres of apps that have flourished are photo editing apps. Not surprising when you consider that the iPhone comes equipped with a built-in digital camera. A camera that at least with the iPhone has been getting better and better with each new model. While there have been some full featured, complex photo editing apps released for the iOS over the years, for the most part, they have been clean and simple to use due to the inherit design and use of the iOS mobile platform.

Instagram InstaMeet on March 24th in Long Beach, New York (Long Island)


If you follow me on Twitter @LouisTrapani (or Facebook), you will probably already know that I use Instagram a good deal even though I only post a fraction of what I take to Twitter (I try not to flood my Twitter feed with all the photos I post to Instagram. Perhaps that will change at some point, in the meantime, if you are not using Instagram itself (currently only available for the iOS) and following me there (username: LouisTrapani), you can catch most of my postings via my Posterous site). If you are not familiar with Instagram, see my post from October 2010 when Instagram had just launched, I was INSTAntly addicted: Insta-Addiction to Instagram.

Instagram is having a Worldwide InstaMeet on March 24, 2011. What is the Worldwide InstaMeet about? To quote Instagram's blog about it, "The goal of the Worldwide InstaMeet is simply to get together with other Instagrammers in your area."

Blogworld and New Media Expo Comes to New York

Leo Laporte Keynote at Blogworld & NME 2009Leo Laporte Keynote at Blogworld & NME 2009

I was very excited to learn that BlogWorld and New Media Expo are doing their first east coast event this May when they announced it a few weeks ago. Previous Blogworld & New Media Expo events took place in Las Vegas, NV. For once I will now be able to attend a expo without having to fly there (I don't mind the actual flying, it is everything else that is part of the commercial airline experience I could do without).

When In Gallifrey

There's now a Guide to all of the Doctor Who: Podshock activities relating to Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery on the DWP/GE website.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at convention or if you can make it to the convention, we have a meet up on Second Life the following week. 

If you are attending Gallifrey One don't forget some common sense items that you may need which we really didn't cover in our preview shows. Such as bring comfortable shoes, keep yourself hydrated, bring batteries and/or chargers if you need them for your digital devices, memory cards (or film if by chance you are still using film-based cameras), any lotions and medications that you need, comfortable clothes (if you are going in costume, that may not be possible), and of course a sense of humour and an appetite for a fun time.

See you there!

The Podshocker's Guide to Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery -

Doctor Who Podshock at Gallifrey One's Catch 22It is that time again. When Doctor Who and Torchwood fans from all over the globe converge in Los Angeles for the annual Gallifrey One convention. This year, it is Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery, taking place on February 18-20, 2011. 

Riding The Chronic Rift


Once again I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Chronic Rift ( @chronic_rift ) podcast with John Drew and Keith R.A. DeCandido hosting and with fellow guest, Chris S. Carothers. In this latest roundtable episode (126), we discuss fan clubs. Predominantly Doctor Who and Star Trek clubs were discussed in this episode. Chris shared information about the club, USS Richthofen, a chapter of Starfleet, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., while I was there speaking about the Gallifreyan Embassy, the Doctor Who club I founded in 1985 as well as Doctor Who: Podshock.

Giving Your iPhone (Or Any Mobile Phone) Some Zoom

While it may be okay to use the digital zoom in the iPhone 4 in an emergency situation, we all know that optical zoom works best with cameras. In the case with the iPhone or other mobile phones or cameras without any optical zoom, you may do better not touching the digital zoom and just crop the image later and/or enlarge the area of the photo you want to zoom into later on using photo editing software (be it on your desktop or your mobile device).

Mobile Phone Telescope Lens on the iPhone

Star Wars Complete Saga on Blu-ray Pre-Orders Announced at CES

As I tweeted earlier this week, there was a "Most Impressive" Star Wars Blu-ray announcement at CES. That is how it was being billed.

Star Wars Panasonic CES 2011

Filter It with 'PictureShow' and Trey Ratcliff's '100 Cameras in 1'

What has become somewhat of a tradition for me here, I am posting about a couple of iPhone (iOS) apps currently on sale in the App Store that might be of interest to iPhone photographers.

I haven't tried them as yet at the time of this writing, so obviously I this is not meant to be a review or recommendation. I hope to try them out soon though.

Both are similar in respects that they apply filters and/or textures to your photos to alter their look and/or mood.

Camera+ Returns to the App Store and Diptic is Updated


After being pulled from the App Store by Apple for violating its interface standards for apps (by including a hidden function that changed the volume controls into a shutter button for this camera app to use), the Camera+​ - tap tap tap has returned.

Star Wars iOS Game Apps Price Cuts

Just a quick heads up on some price drops of Star Wars iOS apps. I don't know if these are merely sales or permanent price changes. That said, I would assume they are on sale for a limited time instead of risk it and see the prices jump back up.

Star Wars: Trench Run - THQ Wireless Inc.
(See a previous article I posted on this title: Stay On Target - Trench Run Upgraded) Now 99¢ (was $2.99)

Defending Y-Wings in the trench of the Death Star

Star Wars: Trench Run - THQ Wireless Inc.

Calling All Flying Cars: Be on the Lookout for Space Precinct

Space PrecinctWith all the celebrating going on of the 47th anniversary of Doctor Who on November 23rd last month, many science fiction fans may have missed the DVD release of the 1994-1995 sci-fi series, Space Precinct. This review of Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct complete series DVD box set release is to complement our review in the latest episode (episode 9) of Hitchhiker's Guide to British Sci-Fi.


The series was created and produced by Gerry Anderson. A familiar name to sci-fi fans as his previous works include (in reverse order) Space: 1999, UFO, Captain Scarlet and the Mysersons, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Fireball XL5, and Supercar, to name a few. Space Precinct has a different flavor than his previous work. It is a police drama set in the future, 2040 to be exact. Though unlike another British television sci-fi police series, Star Cops, this series embraces many sci-fi iconic elements in it. In other words, you will see aliens in this series. They are two very different series, not to be confused with each other even though they are both science fiction police dramas produced in the UK.

Hipstamatic App for iOS Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary with a Sale

HipstamaticI made a mention of this via post on Instagram, but for those not following me on Instagram, yet are still interested in iPhone photography might be interested to learn that Hipstamatic - Synthetic Corp is on sale now until Saturday to celebrate their first year anniversary. It is currently half off now at 99¢ (normally $1.99).

I mentioned Hipstamatic back on Thanksgiving weekend when it was also on sale (see App Store Deals This Thanksgiving Weekend). It was the first time it dropped its price at that time. I purchased it then and since that time, I haven't used it too much, but I will admit that it is better than I had expected. It's not my go-to app when it comes to iPhone photography (that still remains the built-in app and Instragram), but for shots that I know I can take some time with, I may use Hipstamatic.

Come On, Get Happy! I'm on The Happiness Patrol!

The Happiness Patrol podcast episode 47

For what feels like for the longest time, we have been trying to get Lewis Bailey to join us on an episode Doctor Who: Podshock. Lewis does a podcast called The Happiness Patrol @TheHPatrol along with Dale Who @FishCustard2010 , Tara Wheeler @TARDIS_Tara (who you may also know as a Corespondent for Doctor Who: Podshock), and Lela Sandstrom @LelaSandstrom, due to scheduling reasons it never worked out. He has been also trying to get me on The Happiness Patrol as well for a while and for the same reason, it hadn't worked. Although we had Lewis on an episode in a recorded segment at the Doctor Who: Podshock 5th Anniversary Event we held last August as well on an episode from Gallifrey 21 last February in Los Angeles at our Meet & Greet Event there, this is the first time we have him on our show in a studio setting for Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 230 along with Dale, Tara, and Lela. Not only is The Happiness Patrol in the latest episode of DWP, but I am in the latest episode of The Happiness Patrol as well!

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