You are hereDo you have your "In Russell We Trust" and "In Moffat We Trust" shirts yet?

Do you have your "In Russell We Trust" and "In Moffat We Trust" shirts yet?

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 06 May 2009

In Russell We Trust

You heard it on Doctor Who: Podshock and now you can take it with you where ever you go with shirts and other gear sporting the slogan, "In Russell We Trust" or if you rather have "In Moffat We Trust" or get them both. Many listeners to the podcast as well as website visitors, took the slogan coined by Ken Deep on the podcast and made it their own mantra.

Now you can show your support in and for the production of your favourite television show depicting the adventures of a certain traveling Time Lord all while helping support the In Moffat We Trust Shirt podcast as well. Two new Cafe Press stores have been set up for both lines. Both slogans are available in various shirts (for men, women, and children (as well as for small fury creatures from Alpha Centuri if needed)) and other gear in various colours and sizes. Visit the links below:

Of course, these slogans may not appeal to everyone. Stay tuned for more shirts and other items to be offered soon in addition to our existing lineup of Doctor Who: Podshock shirts and gear found here in the US Store and UK Store (these too will be updated soon).

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