You are hereShow Your Support, While Supporting the Gallifreyan Embassy and Doctor Who: Podshock

Show Your Support, While Supporting the Gallifreyan Embassy and Doctor Who: Podshock

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 17 August 2009

Doctor Who: Podshock Regenerated ShirtSince Gallifreyan Embassy introduced the first Gallifreyan Embassy T-shirts back in 1986, they have been popular fashion wear at conventions, meet ups, special events, PBS pledge drives, and just everyday wear. These original shirts and buttons have been long unavailable until 2005, when with the launch of Doctor Who: Podshock, the Gallifreyan Embassy has re-introduced Gallifreyan Embassy / Podshock shirts again. These popular Classic Gallifreyan Embassy and Podshock apparel and other items are still available today.

Doctor Who: Podshock shirtLike the Doctor and the Doctor Who series itself, the shirts and other related items have been refreshed or "regenerated" if you like. Much of the same basic design remains, just slightly updated. Items include all various style of shirts in various colours. Men and women, plus sizes, kids and toddlers alike shirts can be had now. Podshock ClockIn addition to shirts, there are sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts, bibs, caps, bags, mugs, buttons, magnets, pet bowls, pillows, stickers, and more. Yes, even TIME MACHINES! Yep, time machines can be purchased as well, although most people use the term, 'clocks' -- they are still time machines. Plus more items. 

They are all available at the new Gallifreyan Embassy Cafe Shop.

GE HatWhy shop there? A small percentage of each item sold goes to help offset the cost involved in running the Gallifreyan Embassy site and the expenses producing Doctor Who: Podshock. It is a Cafe Press shop, and they get the bulk of the what you pay, the small markup on each goes back to us. So you can show your support, while supporting us at the same time.

GE buttonThis is not our only Cafe Press shop, we also have one for "In Moffat We Trust" and "In Russell We Trust" - two catchphrases by Ken Deep which have become mantras for many of our listeners.

As always, we thank you for your support.

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