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3G Gee-Whiz

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 10 June 2008

It's here! Apple has now officially announced the new updated iPhone yesterday at Apple's WWDC. This came to no surprise to anyone that keeps on up tech. AT&T practically beat Apple to the punch with their memos concerning their staff vacation scheduling. It was obvious that something new and exciting was coming by restricting vacation time for their staff. The new phone, named the iPhone 3G because it uses the 3G data network which is a speed improvement over the Edge network that the original iPhone uses for data when outside of a Wi-Fi network.

The price has come down on the hardware. A great deal compared to one year ago when it originally debuted (when I purchased mine of course).

It also now has GPS in addition to it's previous locating/mapping technology using cell towers and Wi-Fi.

All good things indeed. The aluminum back of the phone has been replace with shinny plastic (black with a white option coming -- the white back doesn't appeal to me, but I suppose it good to have options). I think I will miss the metal back, but I suspect changing to plastic was necessary for extra antenna activity for the GPS, 3G, in addition to the existing Edge and Wi-Fi radio waves. I am guessing it also cuts the cost a bit too.

No increases in memory storage, unfortunately. There still only a 8GB and 16GB models. The 16GB model which was introduced a little while back is an improvement, but I was hoping for at least a 32GB model now.

The new iPhone 3G hits the shelves on July 11th.

Will I be upgrading? That's the question. I would say yes... eventually. I will see. If my situation was the staying the same, I would say that I would definitely wait until there was at least a 32GB model available. Being that I will be soon on tour traveling the country, the 3G speed may come in handy. Whereas before, I would always have access to Wi-Fi for the most part, when I am on the road, that may not be the case. It may be the factor that pushes across the line to get the new 3G model.

The other related big news coming out of this year's WWDC is the rebranding and upgrading of .Mac services to "MobileMe" -- While I think the wireless syncing is long overdue, there was no mention at the WWDC keynote about the syncing of To-Do lists. Isn't this a natural? Why sync everything else but that? What about the iPhone Notes app, will that now sync? These things should have been included from day one. Why does Apple get so many things right, yet sometimes the obvious slips through their fingers? I can only hope that indeed MobileMe will sync To-Dos and Notes with the iPhone and it just wasn't mentioned during the keynote address.

Hmm... Today's the 10th, so July 11th is one month away. I'll be on the road on the road for the JumpCon tour at that time, but I am sure we can find an Apple store somewhere along the way --- if needed.

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