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Filter It with 'PictureShow' and Trey Ratcliff's '100 Cameras in 1'

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 23 December 2010

What has become somewhat of a tradition for me here, I am posting about a couple of iPhone (iOS) apps currently on sale in the App Store that might be of interest to iPhone photographers.

I haven't tried them as yet at the time of this writing, so obviously I this is not meant to be a review or recommendation. I hope to try them out soon though.

Both are similar in respects that they apply filters and/or textures to your photos to alter their look and/or mood.

First up is PictureShow - graf. On more than one occasion, a photographer has recommended this one to me recently on Instagram. I keep on meaning to check it out. I suppose now is the time as it is currently half off (99¢). It offers 28 different style filters, 20 frame styles, 10 light effects, 11 noise effects. From what I am told (again I haven't tried it yet myself), unlike some of the other filter apps, this one allows greater flexibility on how they are applied. You can save in various resolutions (including original), text editing, and sharing via the net (Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, and Facebook).

PictureShow - graf

100 Cameras in 1

Next comes from photographer, Trey Ratcliff @TreyRatcliff who you may already be familiar with if you have seen some of his impressive HDR photography (see his website, Stuck in Customs to see some examples of his work). He just launched a new iPhone camera app, 100 Cameras in 1 - Stuck In Customs. I have seen some examples of photos that used this new app which Trey had posted to Instagram (though before the app was released, he simply called it "mystery app" at that time). It looks to be interesting. As the name of the app implies, there are 100 different effects (filters/textures) that can be applied to photos in your iPhone library or via the camera. It prides itself as being very fast with its processing algorithm. You can share your photos via the net (Twitter, email, and Facebook) as expected, and oddly is connected to the Apple Game Center for unlocking "achievements" -- I hope this doesn't mean special features need to be unlock. I am not very interested in the 'game' aspect of the app. It's one of the reasons I avoided FourSquare.

The app is currently 50% off ($1.99) for its launch. Also to my understanding, there is already an update submitted to Apple that addresses some of the concerns from feedback of its users.

In the video below, Trey introduces his new app.

100 Cameras in 1 - Stuck In Customs

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