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Instagram InstaMeet in Long Beach, NY Take Two

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 04 May 2011

There's another worldwide Instragram meet up or "InstaMeet" taking place on Saturday, May 7th. This one will include a photowalk. As the name implies, these meet ups are everywhere across the globe. This InstaMeet is currently set to take place in 505 communities, that is almost twice as many as the last InstaMeet in March approximately this many days before it taking place.

Join us for the Worldwide Instagram InstaMeet Photowalk on May 7th in Long Beach, NY. Be sure to RSVP if attending.

To find one near you, go to If you are located in or around the Long Island, New York area, I am once again organizing an InstaMeet in Long Beach, New York. It is taking place on Saturday at 4pm at Starbucks (101 W Park Ave) and will continue on the famous Long Beach boardwalk (about a 5 block walk) where will be doing a photowalk along the beach. If you plan on taking part in it, you must RSVP here as if there are changes, I have a way to contact you and I know how many people to expect.


InstaMeets are a fun way to connect with other Instagrammers and exchange tips, app recommendations, etc. Plus it is just an excuse to spend some time taking photographs.

The Starbucks is conveniently located right next the LIRR station and is on Park Avenue, so it is very accessible.

Chasing Waves

Although this is an Instagram meet up, feel free to bring your DSLR as well. Though I will be limiting all my photos shared to Instagram to shots originating from the iPhone only (of course you are free to choose which ever photos you share).

I hope to see you there.

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