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Instagram "Fun Facts" Infographic via Followgram

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 11 August 2011

Passing Passenger Trains

The infographic below is from Followgram. It depicts some "fun facts" about Instagram. According to the note on the bottom of the infographic, Techcrunch and the Instagram blog is the source of the data in the graphic.

Having been on Instagram from just a week after they launched, I have seen how they have grown and matured as a social network. Most recently they announced that they have passed 7 million in users. It was only in June when they had hit 5 million. I remember each of these milestones as Instagram hit them. This infographic illustrates them as well other interesting facts.

Among those interesting facts is that 37% of users have never uploaded a single image. Wow. That seems like an alarming high percentage. Perhaps of those, a percentage of them are just viewing other people's postings, while another percentage of them probably had decided it wasn't for them and abandoned their account without deleting it. What I find hard to believe that only 5% have uploaded more than 50 images. I suppose I must mingle mostly with that 5% myself. With some exceptions, I would say most of those that I follow have uploaded more than 50 unless they have only recently started. Though I haven't checked all of those that I follow. Now that I stop and think about it, there are some inactive people that I had followed in hopes that they were going to be active users when they had signed up.

Here is the infographic:

InstaDesk, a 3rd party Mac desktop client for Instagram

I hadn't used Followgram before now. There are so many 3rd party Instagram websites that have emerged while we are all patiently waiting for the official web interface for users on Instagram's site. I had used a few of these 3rd party alternatives over the course that Instagram has been around. Of those, the one I had used most often had been Webstagram. Though I don't usually use a web interface to access Instagram from the desktop. I use a Mac app called InstaDesk (see Instagram on your Mac with InstaDesk). Followgram allows you to create a "follow me button" that you can add to your website(s) and it also gives you a vanity URL for your profile page. For example, mine is which is also the page that their "follow me button" lands you. I am not sure if Webstagram offers a follow button, but it does give you a similar vanity URL for your profile page although not as short as Followgram's URL. Webstagram does support Emoji characters on their website, while Followgram does not at this time (I believe it is still in beta). Emoji support is important because many Instagrammers use them to accent their comments. I do like the color scheme and font used on Followgram. Both sites are free to use, you just need to sign in with your Instagram account to fully utilize them. So check them both out and the dozens of other web-base Instagram interfaces out there.

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