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Vote No to Discrimination by Voting No to Prop 8 in California

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 04 November 2008

If you are voting in California today, please vote no to discrimination by voting no to the unfair Proposition 8 currently on the state ballot this election day. Join former President Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, Senator Diane Feinstien, Governor Arnold Schwarznegger, Magic Johnson, and just about every major California newspaper, and yes, Apple, Inc. in denouncing this unneeded and unfair Proposition on the California ballot which would take away rights to its citizens. The discriminatory proposition would ban same-sex marriages that are already legal in the state.

>> Vote No on 8

>> Silicon Valley Stands United Against Prop. 8

A recent entry in my other blog:

Pride and Shame - Kudos to Apple, Inc. for taking a stand for equality and helping to defeat a discriminatory California Proposition 8 on the ballot this election. Prop. 8 is simply unfair and wrong. It is discriminating against a group of people by taking rights away from them. Thus treating people as second class citizens.... (read more)

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