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My Magic Mouse Now Has Apple Rechargeable Batteries

Apple Rechargeable Batteries in Magic Mouse

When Apple announced new products last week which included a new Magic Trackpad among other goodies, one which may had seemed unusual for some was the new Apple Rechargeable Batteries and Charger.

In fact, this may have excited me more than the other product announcements.

Last February, I finally broke down and bought the Magic Mouse after being frustrated with the little trackball in the Mighty Mouse constantly getting clogged up which required me to attempt to clean it out. When the Magic Mouse was released, there was only a wireless model. I thought perhaps a wired model would be on its way soon as in the past Apple always had a wired version along with a wireless version of their computers mouses.

FileMaker Comes to the iPhone/iPad

After struggling to get FileMaker Pro databases to work on the Apple iPhone and iPad by importing them (against their will) into Bento and using the iOS versions of Bento on the said devices, there are now options available for using actual FileMaker Pro databases themselves. Yes, that is plural...

First, the 3rd party software FMTouch which is a universal app (for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad) has cut its price by two-thirds (now $9.99 as opposed to $29.99).

Secondly, FileMaker themselves have now entered the ring with their own app:

Tron - "Enter the Grid" Free iPhone/iPod Touch Game

In promotion of the upcoming film Tron Legacy (coming to theaters on the 17th of December 2010 in the US) and the upcoming Tron Evolution video game (also coming later this year), Disney has released a new Tron game available for free in the Apple iTunes App Store (for iPhone and iPod touch) (iTunes link: TRON - Disney). Trailers for both are included in the game.

Tron iPhone Game from Disney

How to Quit a Multitasking App in iOS 4

Multitasking has come to the iPhone, well it was there all along, but only for Apple apps, now with the release of iOS 4 any app can be developed to take advantage of it (if your iPhone supports multitasking).

This is great. Just double tap the home button to switch between running apps (and recent apps). After a day using iOS 4, I realized I did not how to quit an app that remains multitasking in the background. For example, an app that is geared for traveling has no real benefit running in the background while at home.

After poking around the net, I discovered you can quit an app by doing the following: Double tap the home button to bring up the multitasking tray or dock. Tap and hold the app you want to quit and remove from the tray.

Up and Running with iOS 4

Apple iOS 4 iPhone screenshot

On Monday, June 21, 2010 Apple released the latest iPhone OS, now named iOS 4. After a long upgrade process, things have been fairly smooth with the new OS.

iOS 4 offers many improvements and new features, but most notably for myself on the iPhone 3GS at this point is the addition of folders and multitasking.

The upgrade process varies for people. I assume this is due to just how much data they may have stored on their iPhones. I seen people on Twitter being able to upgrade their iPhone fairly quickly (within the half hour). I on the other hand, the process took much longer. I suspect because I have over 12,200 photos on it and what not. It had to backup the iPhone a couple of times, install and verify the iOS software. The iPhone itself had to update itself in which the last 2-3% of the process took forever and a day. So much so that I thought iTunes stalled out since it looked as if it stopped responding. I waited it out, and eventually it finished the process and re-synced.

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Interesting Observation on Syncing Photo Libraries to iOS Devices

Before getting an iPad, I belabored over the model size I should get. I knew that 16GB would be out of the question, as I have too much media. 32GB seemed right because I have been managing the same storage size on my iPhone quite well over the past year.

My plan was to sync my Aperture photo library to the iPad. After all, making the iPad a portfolio for my photography was part of the reason of getting one. With that said, the iPad has a larger screen than the iPhone 3GS. Will it need more space? iTunes may optimize the image files larger than what it does for the iPhone 3GS.

Mac Roundtable Recording at BWE09

Mac Roundtable Recording at BWE09

The Mac Roundtable Podcast recording at Blogworld and New Media Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. Seen here (left to right) is Don McAllister ( @DonMcAllister ), Allison Sheridan ( @podfeet ), John F Braun ( @johnfbraun ), Chuck Joiner ( @chuckjoiner ), and Dave Hamilton ( @DaveHamilton ). Not seen in this photo, but present is Victor Cajiao ( @victorcajiao ), and David Sparks ( @MacSparky ).

Also see: [Photo] Mac Roundtable Recording at Blogworld & New Media Expo

Photo by Louis Trapani

Happy Birthday Mac OS X

Nine years ago today, on March 24, 2001 we saw the release of the ground breaking, game changing Mac OS X by Apple. The operating system would change the way we use our Macs and it would 'inspire' other operating systems. It was a complete new operating system built from the ground up, very drastic from the previous Mac OS 9 (System 9) before it.

Since it was a brand new OS really, in some ways it was not as mature as the previous OS it was replacing. Though that statement alone would be selling it short. In most ways it was lightyears ahead of the previous OS. It paved the way for the future of the Mac. Over the last 9 years, the Mac OS has matured.

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Aperture 3. Is it Right for Me?

aperture3box.jpgLast week, Apple finally release the long awaited update to the their image post-processing workflow application, Aperture from Apple®.

As I expected and hoped for, the latest upgrade to Aperture incorporates many of the great features introduced in iPhoto '09 (which is part of Apple's iLife suite of software). Chiefly, it now brings "Faces" and "Places" from iPhoto '09 to Aperture. I had been waiting for this upgrade before making the switch from iPhoto to Aperture for my photo post processing workflow. I would had moved over to Aperture long ago, but after iPhoto '09 came out, I became addicted to its (then) new aforementioned features, especially the geo-tagging of photographs. With "Places" in iPhoto '09, it allowed for geo-tagging of photographs, so location data stored in the metadata of image files will be used to place that photo on a worldwide map within iPhoto (via Google Maps). Photos taken with the iPhone will automatically contain the location information (via GPS and/or Skyhook technology). For photographs taken without a camera that will embeds location data in the metadata, you can assign them yourself. I had done just this with the several decades of photos already managed by iPhoto. In addition, iPhoto '09 introduced "Faces" which used face recognition technology to identify faces in your photo library and it would learn faces and make suggestions. I was already tagging certain people in all my photos using keywords, so this made the process easier and also allow me tag more people than I had been doing perviously with earlier versions of iPhoto.

My Take on the Apple iPad or is it iPADD?


Earlier this week, on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, Apple announced the long rumored tablet device. Like many Apple announcements, it has generated a flurry of talk in the media and tech circles. Not since the Apple iPhone announcement three years ago have I seen such a reaction to this new device, the Apple iPad.

I Was One of the Time Lords Victorious on Random Time Lords

Random Time Lords

I had the honor of being invited to be a guest on the Random Time Lords podcast last week. Episode 27 was just recently released with Amber Spence and Steven Perez hosting.

As the name implies, the topics are fairly random and diverse. It is not a show solely devoted to covering Doctor Who, but of course it and Torchwood are spoken about. It covers the broad range of geekdom.

Computer Help That is Worth It

Worth at Gallifrey 2006Learn more about computers or help friends and loved ones with their computer woes using Worth Godwin - Computer Training: Plain English, Plain Easy lesson CD series and by doing so you will be helping Doctor Who: Podshock at the same time. Plus, as a special tie-in with Gallifrey 21 taking place in February in Los Angeles, mention the special code GOGALLY to receive 21% off!

Computer lessons for both Mac or Windows PC from a real Doctor Who fan and a Doctor Who: Podshock listener and supporter.

Take a few minutes and listen to Worth's special message for Doctor Who: Podshock listeners:

Don't delay, the special 21% off discount offer is for a limited time only. The offer is good whether you are attending Gallifrey 21 or not. Remember it also makes a great gift. See details here.

Worth Godwin - Computer Training

Project 365: A Photo a Day (with an iPhone)

For some time now I have been meaning to feature a new photograph a day on my website (one of them at least over the course of my 17 years on the net). I always thought it would be a good exercise. It would be an excuse each day to take some time and photograph something. Though like many plans, sometimes they stay bouncing in my head without them being realized.

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